From Viand East Four

1 lb potatoes, Yukon gold
5 tablespoons butter
1 med celery root (about ¾ lb)
milk and/or heavy cream (we used about half cream half milk)
thyme (optional)
1. Peel and Cook potatoes until soft in boiling water, then rice the potatoes and return to pot
2. stir in 2 tablespoons butter
3. Peel, cut in half and slice thin the celery root
4. melt in a heavy bottom sauce pan 3 tablespoons butter add celery root and salt, cover tightly and cook until soft 12-15 minutes occasionally stirring
5. puree celery root in blender, stir in potatos, and add milk to desired thickness

* We heated up the milk/cream with fresh thyme sprigs in it to infuse it w/ the herb flavor


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duro's fabulous browned cauliflower has been updated... slice THIN, coat with bacon grease, broil until plenty browned.

serve with skillet-fried corn NOT cooked in bacon grease...

twice-baked winter squash: 1st baking: just poke some holes and bake it whole at 400 until softer than a baked potato.

2nd baking (perhaps from the leftover bin in the fridge), scoop some flesh onto a plate, but some bits of the skin are fine too, add several chunks of the sharpest cheddar you can find and heat until cheese is melted.

it's also great with white rice and mouhamara (we get ours from Savan Bakery in Watertown, but try any Arab market)

or wrapped in lavosh (with some microgreens...)

slice fresh tomatoes into a skillet, romas or something else not too juicy are best. add really a lot of butter (like half a stick) and salt.

cook on medium until drying and sticking to the pan. they will get a little caramel flavor and quite sweet. eat on toast.

or add some butter and cream and use as pasta sauce.