Roy Choi - Flavor of Los Angeles from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

Roy Choi put Korean barbecue in a Los Angeles Taco, sold it from a truck, and told people to join Twitter to find out where he'd be. But hearing him say it himself is another layer of spice. Video by The Avant-Garde Diaries.

Joan's on 3rd is the place in LA to stop by yourself for a snack, or to gather a picnic for a friend or a date. It's comfortable to dine alone here at any time of the day or evening. You'll find something somewhere in the store to cheer you up. And the staff are sweet, charming, and knowledgable. You get all kinds of value for every dollar you spend here. Small good selection of cheeses. High quality olives. Diverse deli case for any mood. And best of all, the bakery offers Americana to Italiana.

Parking is Possible.

8350 West 3rd Street (East of La Cienega)


Delicate Japanese interpretation of crepes, made to order and served ice cream cone style in paper to eat with one hand. Informal and inexpensive. Great stop in Winchester on the way to/from LAX.  Creative savory crepes and perfect sweet ones.

8320 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone # (310) 348-9697

new years day viand (the visitation) 2009.01.01: grease, greens, and sugah
surprise 1/ amuse thai fireworks
comfort 2/ hatchapouri salad
tender 3/ napa cabbage pistachio sausage
luscious 4/ burrata, persimmon & saba
richness 5/ brussel sprouts, pancetta & vermouth
clarity 6/spaghetti squash, mint & feta
grounded 7/ duck fat potatoes with rosemary
singing 8/ cucumber apple salad
simple 9/ kale&bread
magic 10/ curry chocolate cake
home 11/ sweet potato pie