Don Julio parilla pasta, etc Guatemala 4691 at Gurruchaga 4831-9564 / 4832-6058 Palermo Viejo

Everything is done perfectly here. Worth the price.

Freud & Fahler
our favorite resto in BA

Gurruchaga 1750 east of El Salvador

MOVED Now at Cabrera 5300 phone  4833-2153

food is more generous than the style of menu suggests.

the menu is beautiful! drawings of the chef's idea of how the plate will look! (bad photo below)

they used to have a bakery next door - maybe it moved too? get the pain de manteca and anything else. it's all perfect, and thrilling.

Los Inmortales Pizza
order the green salad and garlic bread
lunch and dinner (no standup)
green salad (not on the menu, but it's awesome, with lots of watercress)
pizza a la piedra
Corrientes 1369 east of Uruguay, Centro

there are several Los Inmortales, but this was ours. It's walking distance from the old DNI.

(photo of salad from

La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar molecular gastronomy. chef is argentine, trained at Ferran Adria's El Bulli in Spain. Dinner is a 10-course tasting menu and takes 3 hours.

Bolivar 865 south of Independencia 43 61 47 09 San Telmo. You need a reservation. 125 pesos per person (2009). $270 (2012).