Merkato Italian Wellington

Best . Pizza . Ever . Merkato in Miramar next to Civic Video. All the Italians in town were eating there when I went. Why so good? The crust. Non

Underground Restaurant: the book

What’s Underground Restaurant about? After cooking 26 dinners in 3 countries over the last 7 years, we finally wrote the story of our underground restaurant!  It’s a ten course feast,


I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve just had the opportunity to interview and photograph Melinda Dimitriades of Farmgate. Her main thing there (surrounded with

Pistachio white chocolate gelato

As part of my project to learn to cook favorite foods from my lifetime (and especially my life in ice cream), the third ice cream flavor that I’m working on is

a history of cool

I joke that my two food groups are kale and ice cream. Truth being always more complicated than the stories we tell, the kale is often chicory, and I sometimes

The last meal question

Wow. I just joined StudioFeast‘s mailing list. I knew they asked the last meal question on their website (and do an annual feast of last meals), but I wasn’t expecting

Our Host’s Kit

  After 26 fabulous dinners, we’ve written a how-to for non-professional chefs who want to host food events… It’s part of a beautiful book that will be available soon. To

integrity (realgoodfood)

I don’t usually eat meusli, but my body targeted its cravings that way last week, and I follow. I found a beautiful one, and expensive, from realgoodfood. I was especially

favorite foods – for life

I realize that several of my favorite foods, meals I cook over and over, were things I first ate in a restaurant or market. They were so good that I