Cheese is Made by People

Cheese is made by people. I’ve now tried twice,  and I conclude that Australian oysters are superior to English ones,  giving AU its 2nd point against Europe . It wasn’t

Das Kleine Lokal, Bremen

Best meal I’ve eaten in a looong time. Painstakingly fabulous, mind-blowingly delicious, and superlatively friendly. Worth every penny. In fact the white tomato soup was worth the price of the

Viand27 Sydney2 Annotated Menu

Viand 27 Sydney 2 . 25 October 2014 Hyperlinked annotated menu follows photos. Because food is so important to me, it’s my landscape. The producers I buy from and my

Winterfeldt Market Berlin

This market was so movingly delicious to eye and sense, that I had to just enjoy it rather than documenting it. Produce, baked goods, prepared foods, and hard goods stalls were


My friend generously invited me to lunch at Martin Boetz’ new project, Ruschcutters, which defines itself as “a total food hub with a true sense of spirit and community. “. The

Fruity Christmas, First Sydney All-Chefs

Pork buns from Emperor’s Garden Pecora Dairy’s Bloomy White and Jamberoo Mountain Blue with walnuts Herring and smoked salmon with butter on thinly sliced La Tartine walnut bread with Vodka