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Michael Pollan, researcher Corby Kummer, food news for The Atlantic Jonathan Gold, restaurant reviewer for LA Weekly on cooking Mark Bittman on a broader range of issues, and deep: Paul Kingsnorth          

Marije Vogelzang, dinner artist

  Can You Throw a 60-Second Party? Avant-garde Dutch restaurateur Marije Vogelzang and design superstar Marcel Wanders can—with a “one minute”–themed dinner full of brilliant and beautiful ideas. By Gisela Williams, Food & Wine Magazine July 2007 When Marije Vogelzang throws one of her high-concept dinner parties, guests never know

Geography of Eating

In 2007, we mapped Los Angeles, its farmers markets and our favorite food haunts. And we mapped our meal, from California farms, to local farmers markets, and across the room from basket to skillet. There was an index card pinned to the map for each ingredient, showing a photo of

don’t touch that!

  photo by Andrea Godshalk of The Power of Touch By Daniel Patterson, Daniel Patterson, an F&W Best New Chef 1997, is the chef and owner of Coi in San Francisco and the co-author of Aroma. Food & Wine Magazine, June, 2007 Throw away your tongs and toss your

slow food in Beirut

  slow food in beirut LEBANON In Beirut, a feast de résistance Defying the violence, a small group of Lebanese chefs and gourmets has kept restaurants open and is working to promote organic food. By Louise Roug, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer June 04, 2007 Monday night, 9 p.m.The darkened

on fish

  as you know… i insist on calling eating fish “ocean rape”. nevertheless we’ve been eating it lately… this morning at venice market we talked to Kathy of Anjin II seafood truck. asked her what she had that was local. it turned out that nearly everything she carried was local

Greetings From the Non Bar-Code People, Michael Pollen

Photo: Jim Franco Greetings From the Non Bar-Code People, Michael Pollen, Mother Jones May/June 2006 reprinted in The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 The following is an excerpt from “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. For the complete article, go to May/June 2006 issue I might never

cooking for one

From The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 many people often say (and, presumably, believe) “i hate to cook alone” or “well i like to cook, but only when i have someone to cook for”… my comments here are encouraged by an interview in the June 2007 Food&Wine with

table of two

photo by llanos_ortizmontero excerpts from Chitrita Banerji, “A Shared Plate” Gourmet November 2005 reprinted in The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 …My conflicted parents shared one enthusiasm – food. She was a fabulous cook, a true artist, and he had a rare and subtle palate. He also enjoyed

what’s a farm? what’s a farm bill?

From The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 What’s a farm? This month’s zine focuses on the understanding what farms are. This question is very relevant as the federal government is considering the new Farm Bill. We’re presenting an analysis of the bill, along with  relevant commentary from Food