meet y/our farmers

12.May 2007

From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007


Nate Peitso owns Tradewind Mushrooms and sells shiitake, Portobello, crimini, oyster, and, when possible, chanterelles at the Friday Venice Market.


Zied from Mom’s Products sells our favorite Greek and Tunisian feta , Syrian mouhammara, olive tapenade, and good pita bread. He sells at LA at the Venice friday market. His cousin sells at the Sunday Hollywood market. Mom’s products is also at the Silverlake Market.


Tomas sells for Lily’s Eggs. You can choose your eggs based on what the chickens eat. You’ll find Tomas at both of the Arizona St Santa Monica farmers market, as well as Venice and Hollywood.

Greg and Shorty sell mostly grass fed pork and beef at the Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Ocean Park farmers markets. Try the “belly bacon”…. To order a special cut, call  Greg, owner of Rocky Canyon Meat, at 805.461.5754.