Dec 192017

Enjoy intense fireworks from a warm, safe location at a gorgeous, spacious candlelight feast.

The VIEW: South facing windows over Torstraße, one level above everything else to the South. Skyline view from Fernsehturm to Hauptbahnhof. View of all the formal fireworks and a lively intersection with a private show!

The FOOD: Highest quality artisan charcuterie, cheese, bread, desserts from Vom Einfachen das Gute, Alte Milch, Markthalle IX vendors, Alpenstück Backerei… It will not be a meal with courses, but an abundant feast with fabulous treats all night.

The DRINK: Bring what you like. Taste/pair/share if you want.

The SPACE: Elegant minimalist rooms, sort of like being in an art gallery (without the art). Plenty of windows to enjoy the view. Candlelight!

The GUESTS: Underground restaurant-style. Chat with strangers or find a corner and focus on your sweetheart. Limited to 20 guests, maximum 3 couples.

QUESTIONS/Special Requests: 0157 369 13415

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