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Lokal und Artisan cuisine

“Cooking is about ingredients, not recipes”

Samstags 10.Dec, 21,Jan

5 gänge . €30 . deine Weine bringe bitte selber mit

(you can share and pair and taste, or you can drink beer…that’s all up to you)

The Viand premieres in Berlin-Mitte in October, 2016, for monthly dinners. We continue our focus on regional and artisan ingredients prepared in an open kitchen, and served with an emphasis on story, ritual, and the idea of Food as Community, Not as Commodity.

The Viand Menus

What is The Viand?

It’s a real underground restaurant where you will “sit at a table with strangers and actually talk to them.”

Except there won’t be any tables. Because the one time we used tables, people acted like consumers.

So you’ll be wandering around with your wine glass and a plate, talking to strangers. (Or sitting in the corner flirting with your date.)

Every 20 minutes (or so) some food will come at you.

And a story.

It’s about food as community, not as commodity.

The stories will be about farmers and artisan producers, and how the local food movement created a US$4.8 billion local food economy in the ruins of Wall Street.

It’s economics.

Well it’s also art (because that’s how we can touch the deeper truths).

But really it’s a social movement about the politics of pleasure.

And it’s dinner (you won’t leave hungry).


Upon registration you will receive the address.

Tickets are transferrable, but not refundable.We give refunds up to 24 hours before the start of the event.

BYO wine.

We do not release the menu in advance, because we will still make changes on the day due to limitations and opportunities in availability. We do not accommodate vegetarian or gluten-free diets, but we are happy to provide ingredient information for people who have allergies.

About our book, Underground Restaurant . Get the ebook now or order a hard copy .

Our website is secure. Payment is in €, handled by Stripe. (We never see your credit card infos.) If you prefer, you can register at Supperclubbing or EatWith.

Reservations are €30/person.

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