I visited the Galup factory in Pinarolo. They don't use any additives, but it's not very good. I've now compared 5 brands of Panettone and there really is a difference, although it's not well represented by the price. Galup were the 2nd most expensive in my research and the worst quality. The best FYI were […]

Superlight Swedish Pancakes

Swedish pancakes are easy and beautiful because they are cooked all at once in one skillet in the oven, instead of sequentially on the stove top, filling the house with burned oil smell. I have removed the sugar and egg yolks from this recipe, which makes it much lighter. the egg whites make these very […]

A Life in Cheese

The first cheese I remember was Teleme Jack. When I bought it after so many years at Rainbow Grocery in 2018, I learned again after so many years  turns out its a rather special cheese. still made by the same people in the same way... My mother had cheese parties. This meant moving the tin […]

Napoli Pizza Berlin: Standard Serious, Zola, W, Sironi

I am suddenly a fan of Napoli pizza. Can't get enough of it. Margherita. I love the chewy crust. I love the black char. I love the salty cheese and the not too sweet tomato sauce. Question: Why is there so little basil? Answer: This is highly regulated stuff. I first fell in love with […]


Chicha is a Peruvian restaurant in Berlin which started out doing street food and now has a bricks-and-morter restaurant in Kreuzberg. We were surprised when it was expected we would have a reservation... Next thing that happened (after a wait to order) was a lengthy conversation between the waiter and couple next to us, who […]

Night Kitchen

First mistake... I was drawn in by the website/concept, and booked a reservation without diligently checking reviews... Second mistake... We ordered a €42pp sharing menu without first establishing confidence in the food. Third mistake... When disappointed by the first four courses, we continued to have hope in the fifth... The rest of the mistakes weren't […]

Lino Barbecue

Lino's Berbecue in Wedding is worth the trip. The owner is a German who grew up in Austin, where he learned Texas-style barbecue. This style focuses on cuts, rather than whole animals. He has built a proper barbecue setup and carefully selects his meats from small producers. We sampled all the meats available on a […]

Kumpel & Keule Burger

Kumpel & Keule is a butcher shop in the food destination, Markthalle IX, in Berlin. The first thing to note is their commitment to quality food production: Over the past 10 years, more than half of German craft butchers have shut down forever. Meat and sausages have become a junk product that is pale and tasteless, […]

Bandol sur Mer

Bandol sur Mer is a One Michelin Star restaurant on Torstraße in Berlin Mitte, the experimental wild child of unstarred French bistro 3 Minutes Sur Mer, which sits supportively next door. I first ate at Bandol in the summer of 2016. I found the whole experience delightful, from the interesting and delicious food to the […]

Katz Orange

Katz Orange is a local darling. The setting is charming, in an old courtyard in the Mitte near the Invalidenstraße gourmet kiez. The ambiance in the main dining room is country-lodge. An overflow room to the side is disjointedly modern and lacks the graceful attention of the main room. The outdoor area has the usual […]

Tenzan Lab

Tenzan Lab opened in June 2018 in Berlin Prenzlauerberg. They offer Japanese shaved ice desserts, made in the center of the dining room from elegant blocks of ice and ergonomically-alarming hand-crank machines. The menu is well-written, stepping you through the choices you need to make to customize your mix of ice and cream. A bowl […]

Not by ingredients alone

The passionate serving staff did provide lectures about the commitments to culture, region, and producers. But we were hungry, and unfilled by lectures.

Viand 32: Diaspora España

The most intimate Viand ever 0/Greeting: Txogitxu (very old, fat Basque dairy cows) Shinken from Vom Einfachen Das Gute. I was interested to try this meat after reading an article about "Basque Old Cow Steaks" in the Guardian. 1/Ceviche, Peruvian style (with boiled potatoes) made with Greenland Halibut from Der Fischladen. California-Mexican Ceviche is always […]

Viand 31: Berlin 4: Winter is about Pork

0/ Jim Lahey's no-knead bread, Butter from Gläserne Molkerai. Duro and I made every 2-3 days for 3 years. We also treated the bread dough like croissant and layered in butter, which I've done tonight. Recipe and our video... 1/ Schweine Schulterne from Fleischhandlung cooked for 3 hours in Apfel Saft, with caramelized pumpkin, browned […]

The Bread

This bread is called "no knead" bread. But not kneading is just one wonderful aspect of this bread. It's also delicious! It has a crusty exterior and holes inside like sourdough bread, indicating long, chewy gluten strands. It’s 10 minutes of work, including cleanup, over a 24 hour period. By Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street […]

Viand 30: 3 feasts in 8 days...

Viand 30 morphed an 8-day marathon of Anniversaries, Crew Parties, and afternoon spiked-tea parties. 10.December "13 years" 1/"The Kiss" (Miang Kham): local postlein (instead of spinach), honey, nori (instead of dry shrimp, augmented with a little maldon sea salt), lemon (with the peel), red onion, peanuts, toasted coconut. 2/"Everyday Pleasures": roasted cauliflower with pancetta from […]

Eier Liqor Eis

5 egg yolks + 100g powdered sugar (beat with whisk) 1 cup cream + 1 tsp vanilla extract (or 1/4 tsp vanilla paste), heat until simmer, then add slowly to eggs, beating the whole time. (the slowness is called "tempering", it ensures that the eggs don't get cooked by the cream. 200ml vodka (or rum, […]

Norwegian Potato Lefse

from Emma Christensen Makes 16 flatbreads 1 pound starchy or all-purpose potatoes 1/4 cup unsalted butter, room temperature 1/4 cup heavy cream 1/2 teaspoon of salt, plus more to taste 1 - 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour Peel the potatoes and cut them into large, uniformly-shaped chunks. Place in a small saucepan and cover with […]

Viand 29: Berlin 2: High Low

0/Tür: "Whiskey & Cigars" from Schokoladerie Estrellas 1/Steak Sandwich Meat from Hoeve Biesland because Boris "was looking for something other than the supermarket". Caramelized last tomatoes (from a Polish farm who sells at the Nordbahnhof Ökomarkt), rosemary focaccia with Hungarian-style garlic treatment (just rub raw garlic on the crust of hot bread), arugula. I followed […]

Viand 28 Berlin 1: Musicality

0/Tür: Domberger Brotwerks sourdough with browned Gläserne Molkerei butter and Peter Kovacs Waben Honig aus Ungarn I tasted Florian Domberger's bread at the Stadt Food Land Festival a couple of weeks ago. It was served from the stand where they grilled the afternoon's onsite made sausage wrapped in the afternoon's  onsite made bread. It was perfect. After finishing […]

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Cheese is Made by People

Cheese is made by people. I've now tried twice,  and I conclude that Australian oysters are superior to English ones,  giving AU its 2nd point against Europe . It wasn't my  first trip to London but the first wasn't a fair test,  as the first was during Christmas week and everything was closed.  (Despite that […]

Das Kleine Lokal, Bremen

Best meal I've eaten in a looong time. Painstakingly fabulous, mind-blowingly delicious, and superlatively friendly. Worth every penny. In fact the white tomato soup was worth the price of the whole meal...  

Viand27 Sydney2 Annotated Menu

Viand 27 Sydney 2 . 25 October 2014 Hyperlinked annotated menu follows photos. Because food is so important to me, it's my landscape. The producers I buy from and my shopping rituals constitute my sense of community and place. Their stories gave Australia meaning for me. This is the most personal menu of any Viand […]

Viand27Sydney2 Invitation + Get on our Email List

25 October Viand 27 Sydney 2 10 courses . slow local artisan food . 30 guests . building culture to change our economy SOLD OUT         What is the Viand? It's a real underground restaurant where you will "sit at a table with strangers and actually talk to them." Except there won't be […]

Winterfeldt Market Berlin

This market was so movingly delicious to eye and sense, that I had to just enjoy it rather than documenting it. Produce, baked goods, prepared foods, and hard goods stalls were mixed and profuse, which was delightful. It's summer, so the market was full of berries and cherries. Although I have so far not found Berliners to […]

RootStock: natural wine to accompany local food movement

Tattood chefs drink wine and talk shop over blowtorches, barbecues, and stockpots on portable burners at Rootstock Festival What is Rootstock? It’s a massive warehouse. Jazz saxophone reverberates noisily from a variety of hard surfaces. Barbecue smoke scents the air. Hundreds of blue jeans park on or hover above milk crates, the only available seating. […]


My friend generously invited me to lunch at Martin Boetz' new project, Ruschcutters, which defines itself as "a total food hub with a true sense of spirit and community. ". The restaurant purports to serve food sourced from the Hawkesbury region, including Boetz' own farm. I am of course pleased to see new and visible advocacy […]

25 ways to spend $25M on a secure future for Goulburn farmers instead of giving it to Coca-Cola Shepparton

Australia’s state government of Victoria has pledged $25 million in subsidy to Coca-Cola/Amatil to keep the SPC/Ardona produce cannery open in Shepparton. The federal government refused to match the funds to meet Coca-Cola’s demands. But even if the factory stay open for another period, with the farmers dependent on short-term contracts from the factory, their farms […]

Fruity Christmas, First Sydney All-Chefs

Pork buns from Emperor's Garden Pecora Dairy's Bloomy White and Jamberoo Mountain Blue with walnuts Herring and smoked salmon with butter on thinly sliced La Tartine walnut bread with Vodka Polish beetroot broth with mushroom tortellini Summer rolls with home-made dipping sauce and chili sauce Porcini mushroom risotto Champion's Mountain Herba wild greens salad with […]

Merkato Italian Wellington

Best . Pizza . Ever . Merkato in Miramar next to Civic Video. All the Italians in town were eating there when I went. Why so good? The crust. Non trivial quantities of vegetables. I groaned as I ate it.

Underground Restaurant: the book

What's Underground Restaurant about? After cooking 26 dinners in 3 countries over the last 7 years, we finally wrote the story of our underground restaurant!  It's a ten course feast, and all the ingredients are sourced from local farmers and artisan producers. The preparation is simple, to inspire our guests to cook at home. They […]

Good food, fun, and service from a gourmet market

Is The Grounds of Alexandria overrated, or just overmarketed? We finally made it, after months of discussion. No coffee is worth a 20 minute wait, actually. The donuts were good, but nothing we saw justified the crowds, prices, or wait. It's amazing how excited city people get about chickens. Then we saw the piglet. Ok, […]


I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself. I've just had the opportunity to interview and photograph Melinda Dimitriades of Farmgate. Her main thing there (surrounded with lots of other goodness) is rare breed black pig meat. I'm going to be posting the whole interview and maybe even some video soon, but […]

Pistachio white chocolate gelato

As part of my project to learn to cook favorite foods from my lifetime (and especially my life in ice cream), the third ice cream flavor that I'm working on is Pistachio White Chocolate from the venerable Gelato Classico in San Francisco. They now omit the white chocolate chips. I got it right on the second […]

a history of cool

I joke that my two food groups are kale and ice cream. Truth being always more complicated than the stories we tell, the kale is often chicory, and I sometimes go days without ice cream… But since I try to eat organic ingredients it often occurs to me that the ice cream I eat rarely […]

The last meal question

Wow. I just joined StudioFeast's mailing list. I knew they asked the last meal question on their website (and do an annual feast of last meals), but I wasn't expecting to have to answer it to get on the mailing list. Heavy question. And evocative. My answers weren't what I thought they'd be. First thought, […]

Our Host's Kit

  After 26 fabulous dinners, we've written a how-to for non-professional chefs who want to host food events... It's part of a beautiful book that will be available soon. To celebrate the book launch, we have also created a logistics kit for hosts. This kit is only available during our book launch, which goes until […]

integrity (realgoodfood)

I don't usually eat meusli, but my body targeted its cravings that way last week, and I follow. I found a beautiful one, and expensive, from realgoodfood. I was especially pleased with it because the phrase "organic" emblazoned on the label turned out to refer not only to the grains which make up the bulk […]

favorite foods - for life

I realize that several of my favorite foods, meals I cook over and over, were things I first ate in a restaurant or market. They were so good that I went home and experimented until I made something close enough - or better. All of these have become household favorites, and make repeat appearances on […]

Studiofeast "we're trying to get people who don't cook to cook"

This is a video by the underground restaurant team of Studiofeast in New York City. They started out "pushing the limits of what you can do as a home cook", then moved on to a series of dining stunts (including serving dinner on a subway route with A Razor, A Shiny Knife) and now they […]

Integrity Economics

I use to teach economics. Now I’m a professional artist and I teach. Often I spend 4 hours preparing a class that earns $50. My students can do the math. “What kind of an economist were you?”, they ask. I spend my money at the farmers market, where I chat with the farmers and artisans. […]

Roy Choi, Food Livelihood, and Who Made Twitter Go

Roy Choi - Flavor of Los Angeles from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo. Roy Choi put Korean barbecue in a Los Angeles Taco, sold it from a truck, and told people to join Twitter to find out where he'd be. But hearing him say it himself is another layer of spice. Video by The Avant-Garde […]

Falling in love with food

I use to teach economics. Now I’m a professional artist and I teach. Often I spend 4 hours preparing a class that earns $50. My students can do the math. “What kind of an economist were you?”, they ask. I spend my money at the farmers market, where I chat with the farmers and artisans. […]

Episode 26: Continental Drift...The First Sydney Viand

Continental Drift: The First Sydney Viand Annotated Menu Early autumn means tomatoes are cheap, cucumbers are sweet, and basil is plentiful so these beauties make repeat appearances tonight. 1. homemade butter bread Jim Lahey’s famous “no-knead” bread recipe with butter layered in. 2. fennel, cucumber, and onion with Pecora mozzarella I cribbed this from Panzano […]

flour + water + love

Chad Robertson is the bread baker at Tartine, San Francisco. He makes the most beautiful bread he can, because he wants to. He doesn't try to make too much of it. (Just 175 loaves a day, which sell out in an hour.) He's analytical, thoughtful, directed, probably brilliant. But he "wants to work with my […]

Pecora Sheepsmilk Cheese

Pecora Dairy makes beautiful mozzarella, sheepsmilk blue, and several other cheeses. You can find them at Pyrmont Market first saturdays or Eveleigh on 1st, 3rd. and 5th Saturdays.

Eating Design with Artist Marije Vogelzang

MARIJE VOGELZANG OF PROEF, DESIGNER AND RESTAURATEUR 09.12.11 — BY MONICA KHEMSUROV in Sight Unseen Magazine Back in 2000, when Marije Vogelzang had graduated from Eindhoven with a product-design degree and begun turning a school project — a funeral table set with all-white cuisine — into fodder for her nascent career, food design was still a relatively […]

Mandagery Creek Venison

Pyrmont Growers Market 1st saturday of the month, Sydney photo of a Gordon Ramsay dish (meat is SOOO hard to photograph!)


  Jacob and Sarah Brown run The Larder, our favorite restaurant in Wellington. Very small menu, farm-sourced ingredients, perfect execution. It's one of those places where it's hard to get past the steak, because it keeps being the best you've ever had. The homemade bread is divine, best in Wellington.  

A Razor, A Shiny Knife, lunch on the subway

The happening team at A Razor, A Shiny Knife served lunch to diners riding a NYC subway train, with each course's chef entering the train at a designated stop. Best yet, they made a fabulous video about it!

pastry investigation

i want crumblier cookies and flakier empanadas! crumblier = short (like shortbread) not the same as shortcrust: this is the kind of pastry i am used to making for quiches and tarts, pâte brisée, pâte sucrée, etc. puff pastry is super flaky. this is made like croissant, by rolling layers of dough with butter. findings: […]

Roots Viand: All Chefs Summer Christmas

Day 1: Bacon, Smoked Chicken and Fried Apple Sandwiches on Rye Berries on Vanilla Ice Cream with Chambord Champagne Oven Roasted potatoes with lemon-rosemary salt handmade empanadas: •spinach and brie •kabocha squash, fresh corn, and smoked gouda •ham and emmenthaler •rocket salad with hazelnuts and raspberries Day 2 Empanadas in frozen puff pastry with leftover […]

Pizza dough

This is closer to a focaccia dough than a traditional pizza dough. it's chewier and saltier, which we prefer. dissolve 2 1/2 tsp fresh or dry yeast in 1 cup warm (body temperature) water. use the inside of your wrist to gauge the water. if the water feels neither hot nor cold on your wrist, […]

Caredda Confisserie Zurich Sfogliatele

I call them sfogliatele, other people call them lobster tails. These are the ones filled with cream, NOT cooked ricotta. Anyway here I found the best I've ever had. Crunchy! and creamy! Caredda Confisserie Josefstrasse 119 8005 Zurich, Switzerland 7 days. m-f 7-7 saturday sunday 8-4

Last of Four Winters Feast: Wellington Viand 2

1 Wendy’s almond risotto cakes with Hataitai oregano 2 Asparagus, Clevedon Valley Buffalo Mozzarella, 301 Karaka Bay Road lemon, Maldon sea salt (Wendy taught us to eat lemon on mozz) 3 Absolute Kumera Gnocchi with Uncle Joe’s Walnut Oil 4 Bacon wrapped date and lamb chop 5 Cliché-vu pizza: Sundried tomatoes, Puhoi Valley goat cheese, […]

Mike's Launch Viand

mike’s launch viand 2009 0815 menu 1. Clevedon Valley Buffalo Mozarella & 3 NZ honeys (Wendy’s Beekeper friend, Nelson Honeydew, Nelson West Coast Wild) 2. cavolo nero 3. Sue’s pâté de foie poulet 4. spaghetti squash with NZ macadamia pesto 5. Tarakihi and Gurnard Samoan style ceviche with coconut milk and 301 Karaka Bay Road […]

dinners for causes...

The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences is an internationally networked set of fundraising dinners. Each local dinner group votes during dinner for a project to receive the proceeds of the night. You can start a chapter.

Dim Sum SF

The Best Dim Sum in SF. Uncontroversial. Ton Kiang.

Blue Plate

Make a reservation. Not super expensive, not cheap. Worth every penny. Plan to lick your spoon. Lick your friend's spoon if they let you. Lick the plate. Blue Plate   3218 Mission St. @ Valencia San Francisco, Ca. 94110  Map 415 282 6777     Mon – Thur 5:30–10p, Fri – Sat 5:30–10:30p, Sun 5:30 – […]

Pizzetta 211

Like eating in someone's kitchen. Wish it was ours. Tiny. Go early. Breathe deeply while looking for parking. Order everything. Pizzetta 211 (415) 379-9880 211 23rd Ave San Francisco, CA 94121  


Finc 122 Wakefield 499.299 Looks trendy and upscale but turns out to be less expensive than many nearby places. Creative food in a cafe atmosphere (uncovered wooden tables not close together, one common table, high ceilings, good magazines). They don't advertise this, but they have free wifi! Long, diverse list of $8 entrées that deliver […]


Ernesto 132 Cuba Street 04.801.6878 We've eaten here twice and been thrilled with every bite. Cafe atmosphere (comfortable black banquettes and wide tables so two can sit side by side -- also the chairs are comfortable) with nearly half the spacious room an open kitchen feels like you are in the cook's living room. Watch […]

swedish bacon fat ginger snaps

2 recipes here. both can be done by hand. no need for a food processor. but watch out these cookies are thin and cook fast. take them out way before you think they are done or they will be very hard. 1. Adapted from Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes Ingredients 1 […]

aro cafe

Aro Café 90 Aro Street 4 384 4970 Everything you want with the perfect cup of coffee... An array of savories from bean salads to mini quiches and plenty of desserts, all easy to see. And a menu. And organic ingredients. And hip. Open for dinner for a few hours some nights. image from […]

the political economy of food

I started teaching a course on this topic in 1995. At that time, the concept was so extremely uninteresting (both to the political economists and to the cultural studies people) that the university not only wouldn’t pay us but wouldn’t even allow us access to classroom space. Tony Samara and I taught the course in […]

Daou Montréal

Daou 519 Rue Faillon Est, Montréal 514.276.8310 The city's most highly regarded Lebanese restaurant. Tablecloths. But not expensive. Done right. Image by Andrew at foodspotting

Toi Moi & Café

Toi Moi & Café 244, Avenue Laurier Oues Our favorite find in Montréal which has lots of cafés, but... We had the duck confit ($12) and a glass of cognac and a bowl of cappuccino. The perfect breakfast. Also the crepes are very good (which apparently is rare on Montréal, according to a local). We […]

Mint Orange Dressing

Mint Orange Dressing from Viand East Four * 1 cup olive oil, plus * 2 tablespoons olive oil * 6 tablespoons white wine vinegar * 3 tablespoons frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed * 1 tablespoon orange zest (packed) * 1 tablespoon honey * handful of fresh mint chopped Directions Blend first 5 ingredients in blender […]

Celery Root and Potato Puree

From Viand East Four 1 lb potatoes, Yukon gold 5 tablespoons butter 1 med celery root (about ¾ lb) salt milk and/or heavy cream (we used about half cream half milk) thyme (optional) 1. Peel and Cook potatoes until soft in boiling water, then rice the potatoes and return to pot 2. stir in 2 […]

give 'em chairs - next they want water glasses! VE4 debrief

It's been a long, tough debrief of Viand East Four, and we're not done yet. Lots of details below but there were a couple of major problems: We have succeeded in becoming an underground restaurant. The result is that we have created expectations in our guests that are inconsistent with our goals. The goals of […]

curry chocolate chip cookies

From Viand East Four soften butter by putting it next to a lamp for about 30 minutes. (make sure it's on a plate in case you forget about it and it melts.) combine 1 stick butter (softened) 1 ½ c white sugar 1 egg 1 ½ tsp vanilla now add the curry. if it's mild […]

viand east 4 photos

by andrea godshalk of azumera:

Viand East Four Mayday Menu

photo by Andrea Godshalk, Viand East Four 2009 May 1 (couples) and May 2 (singles) 0/ duck confit in filo w/ strawberries & balsamic reduction 1/ Catalan sardine escabeche 2/ Rancho Gordo heirloom beans (1st: Yellow Indian Woman, 2nd: Red Appaloosa) with Lionette’s house-made lamb sausage and pickled onions (cribbed from a favorite LA […]

fig balsamic vinegar

order now from Hare Hollow. it's unmatched. (they also sell at San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on the street side toward the north)

Viand East Three Debrief

rocked • work/trade setup was awesome. we got to hang out with friends and not work so hard. also we had really fantastic, skilled workers! ben and ana did the fish. jim exuded calm. sarah problem-solved everything and kept us on track. •bao zi! chocolate meringue! seaweed salad! • glad we had leftovers for worktraders • fantastic […]

Viand East Three Photos

viand east three: menu

Viand East Three 2009.02.21 0/ [Lionette’s house-smoked] Bacon-wrapped California Medjool dates [care of CityFeed Market] 1/ [Lionette’s house-rendered] Suet-crust leek quiche with salad (we couldn’t make it through another winter without salad mowed in CA) 2/ salami salad cured meats from Formaggio Kitchen: Petit Jesu, Wild Boar Sopressata, Saucison sec Basquese, Speck Alto Adige, Salametti […]

Joan’s on Third

Joan's on 3rd is the place in LA to stop by yourself for a snack, or to gather a picnic for a friend or a date. It's comfortable to dine alone here at any time of the day or evening. You'll find something somewhere in the store to cheer you up. And the staff are […]

KC Crepe Café

Delicate Japanese interpretation of crepes, made to order and served ice cream cone style in paper to eat with one hand. Informal and inexpensive. Great stop in Winchester on the way to/from LAX.  Creative savory crepes and perfect sweet ones. 8320 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Phone # (310) 348-9697

new year's day viand

new years day viand (the visitation) 2009.01.01: grease, greens, and sugah surprise 1/ amuse thai fireworks comfort 2/ hatchapouri salad tender 3/ napa cabbage pistachio sausage luscious 4/ burrata, persimmon & saba richness 5/ brussel sprouts, pancetta & vermouth clarity 6/spaghetti squash, mint & feta grounded 7/ duck fat potatoes with rosemary singing 8/ cucumber […]

viand east two

Viand East Two 11.1.08 0 welcome ritual/hand-fed amuse bouche: 7-layer thai (Belmont Farms spinach) 1 Mama Wen's Roasted Spareribs marinated in a hoisin and local hardstem garlic glaze.  Ben’s mom learned how to make these in graduate school. The Chinese biochemistry students gathered weekly to cook and socialize. She called it the "Big Appetite Club". […]

Vía Campesina Maputo Declaration & Open Letter

Declaration of Maputo: V International Conference of La Via Campesina Thursday, 23 October 2008 Maputo, Mozambique, October 19-22, 2008 Food Sovereignty now! Unity and struggle of the people!? We are men and women of the earth, we are those who produce food for the world.  We have the right to continue being peasants and family […]

falai bakery

you can sit and have a pretty meal here any time of the day. you can buy loaves of the bread served at Falai. but whatever you do, don't miss the donuts. #2 best pastry so far in life. they do explode, so watch out. 79 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

raw tomato pasta

Combine: cooked pasta butter raw tomatoes salt Ingredient notes: There's only one place we know of in the Boston area to purchase fresh pasta, Dave's at 81 Holland Street in Somerville. We prefer plain egg pasta for this recipe. The cut of pasta we requested is the widest, papardelle. However, unless you live very close […]

Viand East One Photos

Ben & Ana hosted the first Viand East on 9.26.08. Mark & Stevie’s bowl was very busy! photos Creative Commons license 2008 Ben Wen (some rights reserved)       < <     One photo by andrea godshalk of

viand east one

Ben & Ana hosted the first Viand East on 9.26.08. viand east one: 26 september 08 welcome ritual/hand-fed amuse bouche: cairn of marmarbilik olive, toasted walnut, yellow heirloom tomato (olive & walnut from Savan Bakery, Silverbrook Farms tomato) ... salad tower with homemade butter bread plaza  ... roasted Dick's Family Farm eggplant sandwich with Crystal […]

Don Julio Parrilla Buenos Aires

Don Julio parilla pasta, etc Guatemala 4691 at Gurruchaga 4831-9564 / 4832-6058 Palermo Viejo Everything is done perfectly here. Worth the price.

Freud & Fahler

Freud & Fahler our favorite resto in BA Gurruchaga 1750 east of El Salvador MOVED Now at Cabrera 5300 phone  4833-2153 food is more generous than the style of menu suggests. the menu is beautiful! drawings of the chef's idea of how the plate will look! (bad photo below) they used to have a bakery […]

Los Inmortales

Los Inmortales Pizza order the green salad and garlic bread lunch and dinner (no standup) green salad (not on the menu, but it's awesome, with lots of watercress) faina pizza a la piedra Corrientes 1369 east of Uruguay, Centro there are several Los Inmortales, but this was ours. It's walking distance from the old DNI. […]

La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar - affordable el bulli

La Vineria de Gualterio Bolivar molecular gastronomy. chef is argentine, trained at Ferran Adria's El Bulli in Spain. Dinner is a 10-course tasting menu and takes 3 hours. Bolivar 865 south of Independencia 43 61 47 09 San Telmo. You need a reservation. 125 pesos per person (2009). $270 (2012).

Local Objects

What if we took the amazing accomplishments and connections of the Local Food Movement and applied them to Objects... Stuff... What if we bought stuff from artisans, and knew exactly who made our dishdrainer... Read the Local Objects manifesto!  

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

saturday san francisco farmers market at ferry plaza, a building now devoted to slow food and local artisanal production. (you need at least 3 hours.) fabulous smoked salmon at east most end of the market out on the pier blue bottle coffee on the south side. fresh oysters in southeastmost section. Boulette's Larder, which is […]

Django Philadelphia

Truly, deeply, fabulous. We ordered all the appetizers, and swooned at all of them. Unfortunately, we could only manage one dessert. Django . 526 S 4th St . Philadelphia  215.922.7151  CLOSED Hope to visit the owner's newer venture, Talula's Table. 102 West State Street  Kennett Square, PA 19348 (610) 444-8255


Tartine Bakery, much awarded and worth every bit of the attention. Hearty yet still fancy, perfect french pastry. absolutely not to miss. 600 guerrero @ 18th. open daily until 7 or 8 pm. Now with a restaurant, Bar Tartine. Chad Robertson, amazing artisan of their incredible bread, has written a book about how you can […]

Noe Valley Bakery

Everything is good (except the website)...  Things I crave are: apricot ginger bread and the chocolate cherry bread. The construction of sweetness in these breads is unusual and just tremendous  Noe Valley Bakery 4073 24th street just east of castro on the south side of 24th.  also apparently they have a location at ferry plaza. […]

Boulette’s Larder

Breakfast & Lunch Monday-Friday. Brunch Sunday. Take-home. Seasonal and sublime food. Rum canelles. Lard english muffins. There's a dining table in the kitchen. Need we say more?

plant edible landscaping

Forestfarm sells many varieties of usual and unusual edibles as bare-root trees.

edible landscaping as urban policy

Up on the Farm Vancouver, British Columbia, hatches a program that brings food cultivation into town. By Linda Baker Metropolis Magazine May 2008 Posted May 22, 2008 Locally grown food has become a mantra among urban dwellers, fueling farmer’s markets, community-supported agriculture services, and, in select cities, backyard chickens. Now Vancouver, British Columbia, is raising […]

Claudio Cheese

Di Bruno cheese shop in the Italian Market has cheeses you don't easily find. Claudio Mozzarella, a few doors down from Di Bruno Market. eat the mozzarella while walking down the street, then go back for more. 922 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147. fabulous burrata as well. incredibly inexpensive for the quality. the 9th […]

affordable wooden bowls

Made in the Blue Ridge Mountains by Phil Lieberman. Sold on ebay

mexican wedding/ champagne cookies

  mix: 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1 cup soft butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 1/4 tsp salt add: 1/2 cup toasted and finely chopped almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts... 2 cups flour the dough may be very dry and crumbly. that's ok. press into patties about .25 inch thick x 1.5 inches diameter bake 10-12 minutes at […]

stainless steel water pitcher

$29 from cb2

Erik Magnussen for Stelton coffee thermos

Gorgeous coffee thermos comes in 11 great colors, including stainless. We recommend purchasing from a lovely small company, or questodesign in LA at OK , 8303 W 3rd street

Windline cutting boards

cutting boards by Windline made of standing deadfall Hawaiian woods

John Talbot wooden bowls

wooden bowls from fallen California trees

farmers market shopping cart

our own design. contact 

Shun kitchen knives

Wood handles, a subtly unusual shape, and fabulous weighting. Buy them from a small company,

Atomic stovetop espresso maker

1948 Brevetti Robiati Atomic-era stovetop espresso maker. Hard to find. Try ebay. Save up.

Fishmonger in Boston

Next door to Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge/Boston is a place called "the fishmonger". This is a kitchen with a glass counter to sell things they are languidly making right there (to take home and eat). They sell fresh fish and they make fish stews, chowders, saffron mussel soup, salmon en croute, crabcakes, shrimp bisque etc. […]

Formaggio Kitchen, Boston

At this sensuous shop, the cheese is piled high above your head and everywhere you turn there's a hand-lettered sign describing an artisanal product. When it's our turn, a relaxed person walks up to us and asks us what we're looking for. We describe something with whatever cheesewords we can muster and they go away […]

Lionette’s Market

Boston's only food market committed to regional products. House-fabricated and cured meat. Meat education. Regional cheeses. Deli & café. The market, and its next-door restaurant, The Garden of Eden, run by Jamey's brother, are located in the uber-gentrified South End. But the restaurant, Jamey insists, is for everyone, all classes. He says we have to […]

O’Keefe & Merritt vintage gas ranges

These gorgeous gas ranges are sent straight to the dump in some states. They are also being refurbished and sold for $4000. Hunt around locally and you may find one for a few hundred dollars. They come with grills, adjustable broilers, and many other fabulous features. To buy a restored one, visit In Los […]

Bravo espresso cups

photo from A proper espresso cup should have extra ceramic at the base of the cup to keep the precious espresso warm as long as possible. Bravo cups are very heavy and much cheaper than the prissy Illy ones with their dated handles. They do sell cups without the logo, call to arrange.

Sigg narrow sealing thermos and enamel-coated metal waterbottle

Sigg makes extraordinary products: Non-plastic water bottles narrow enough to fit in a briefcase and coffee thermoses that seal AND fit in a briefcase and look great. carries the full line.

Mami water kettle by Stefano Giovannoni

i went without a water kettle for years and finally chose this one. mami by stefano giovannoni  available at questo design

Henckles all stainless knives

Best selection and very good prices, from a European company, knivesandtoolsonline. The photo is of the Twin Select line. They also carry the hard-to-find and gorgeous Henckles Twin Cuisine and Twin Cermax lines.

organic Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a high caffeine drink, which comes with nice social rituals and antioxidants! "Yerba Mate production in Argentina is almost an oligopoly of four enterprises which concentrate 80% of all that's made and sold in the country. Small farmers, usually organic producers, don't own the machinery to get through the process and have […]

Chantal cooking pots

enamel on steel. dark inside so they don't show cooking stains. the new ones, "copper fusion" are copper inside which heats water faster than an electric kettle

il laboratorio del gelato

il laboratorio del gelato . 95 orchard between broome & delancey . 212.343.9922 . you might see someone carefully selecting the lavendar blossoms for the next batch of ice cream.

learning about meat

Last night we attended a lecture/demonstration regarding meat butchering. We started with 1/2 a pig (the right side) and learned how all the cutting happens from there and about the different cuts and uses. We learned some new details about the meat processing industry. There are two main functions of meat processing, slaughter (killing and […]

on being a dinner guest

we don't want to be difficult dinner guests. we want to be gracious and easy. and we don't have allergies, so there's no compelling reason to be difficult. but these days people do ask what you eat. we tried to be easy, but of course food came up in the conversation. when we mentioned that […]

Book on Secret Suppers

Jenn Garbee has interviewed lots of underground restaurant chefs and written it up well in Secret Suppers: Rogue Chefs and Underground Restaurants in Warehouses, Townhouses, Open Fields, and Everywhere in Between. Sasquatch Books (2008)

underground resto receives too much press

Friday Night in Boston: Love + Butter Frying under the radar At Love+Butter supper club, dining is a covert experience By Janice O'Leary, Globe Correspondent | November 28, 2007 There's no sign on the door, there are no business cards near the entrance, and there is no phone number to call for reservations. You may […]

salt-roasted pears with caramel sauce

Salt Roasted Pears with Caramel Sauce, From Viand East Two     Ingredients * 4-6 pears (one per person) bosc might be best. apples work too, but pears are better. * 1 1/2 pounds (a box) of coarse salt, like kosher. not rock salt * 1 cup brown sugar * 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut […]

Boston all-chefs 2007

the standout dishes from our 4 day food marathon are: * capon (rooster) so flavorful and juicy! * martha's salt roasted pears with caramel sauce! * anything with a bite of balsamic glazed figs * sauteed pears with cabot cheddar and bacon wednesday beef bottom round, braised in red wine with parsnips, rutabegas, onions, potatoes. […]

Sean's grandmother's sweet potato pie

  use pate sucre crust, on our 5 doughs page... prepare sweet potatoes or yams. chop each one in 3 pieces (skins on) and put in the bottom of a large cooking pot. fill with water and boil until soft. dump in to collander. running cold water to keep your hands cool, skin the swepos. […]

cauliflower is good

duro's fabulous browned cauliflower has been updated... slice THIN, coat with bacon grease, broil until plenty browned. serve with skillet-fried corn NOT cooked in bacon grease...

winter squash is comfort food

twice-baked winter squash: 1st baking: just poke some holes and bake it whole at 400 until softer than a baked potato. 2nd baking (perhaps from the leftover bin in the fridge), scoop some flesh onto a plate, but some bits of the skin are fine too, add several chunks of the sharpest cheddar you can […]

skillet tomato sauce

slice fresh tomatoes into a skillet, romas or something else not too juicy are best. add really a lot of butter (like half a stick) and salt. cook on medium until drying and sticking to the pan. they will get a little caramel flavor and quite sweet. eat on toast. or add some butter and […]

Vandana Shiva speaks in Cambridge

(Munich 2005 Right Livelihood Award, photo © Orla Connolly) We met Jamey Lionette just in time to find out that Vandana Shiva would be in town on Monday and we went to her talk, which is about a new book she (and he!) put together called Manifestos on the Future of Food. (South End Press, […]

Hungarian Pastry Shop

Pastries you've never imagined, at affordable prices: The Hungarian Pastry Shop 1030 Amsterdam Avenue (betw West 110th and 111th streets) 212-866-4230 photo by Hung M.

watermelon and arugula salad with walnuts

Recipe by Efisio Farris From Sardinia: Chef Efisio Farris Goes Home This recipe originally appeared in September, 2007, Food & Wine “In my hometown of Orosei, bitter greens like arugula and dandelion grow alongside watermelons, so this salad is a natural combination for me,” says chef Efisio Farris. The recipe is a fabulous blend of […]

Last Venice Viand

  viand … 18 august 2007 … annotated menu 1 Amuse: Gorgonzola crostini with seared greens, raisins & pine-nuts… This version is done with kale, but you could easily use other greens, such as chard or spinach. The Gorgonzola is a Piccante, which is from bought at Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln Boulevard, a great […]

Los Angeles meat sources

In LA, the best place to get meat is at the farmers market. You can buy beef and pork from Greg's Rocky Canyon Ranch at Sunday Main Street, both Santa Monica markets (Wednesday and Saturday), and Sunday Hollywood. You can get Buffalo from Lindner Bison at all of the same markets. You can get chicken […]

Bay Cities Italian Market

Here you can get higher quality cheese than Whole Foods at lower prices. Lots of international goods, particularly Italian. Wine department. They carry Gioia Burrata, yerba mate, and other hard-to-find items. Service is brusque. Store is packed with people wanting sandwiches. Expensive for what you get, but the only place to get some of it. […]


We recommend very few expensive restaurants. This one is worth it. Falai . 68 Clinton St, New York . 212.253.1960  fancy food, exciting decor. (update: still amazing 11.06, 8.07, 2.08)

Sullivan Street Bakeries

Jim Lahey's Sullivan Street Bakery makes perfect sandwiches, pizza, bread, and desserts. 533 W 47th St, New York, New York, New York 10036 Jim Lahey is the guy who wants everyone to eat really good bread and has come up with a no-knead recipe that takes exactly 10 minutes of work in 24 hours to […]

Brown Restaurant

    Brown restaurant. Lower East Side . 61 Hester Street (at Essex Street) . 212.254.9825 . breakfast & lunch 9am-6pm . dinner wed-sun 6-midnight intimate & serene. perfect food. a great place to go by yourself to sit and read and write and think about the food you are eating.

great food writing

Michael Pollan, researcher Corby Kummer, food news for The Atlantic Jonathan Gold, restaurant reviewer for LA Weekly on cooking Mark Bittman on a broader range of issues, and deep: Paul Kingsnorth          


Savory Pastry for quiches, onion tarts, etc. (this is called pâte brisée) mix: 2.5 cup flour, 1 tsp salt slice into the bowl: 1 cup cold butter using fingers, break the butter into smaller and smaller pieces. as it mixes with the dry ingredients, it will eventually form a mealy texture. remember to break, not […]

Vongerichten's molten chocolate cake

photo Master chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's recipe appeared in Food & Wine in July 1999. ingredients (4 6-oz cakes) * 1 stick (4 ounces) unsalted butter * 6 ounces bittersweet chocolate, preferably Valrhona * 2 eggs * 2 egg yolks * 1/4 cup sugar * Pinch of salt * 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour directions 1. […]

butternut squash gnocchi

photo from Served at Last of Four Winters Feast, Wellington Viand 2. Published in Food & Wine Magazine, December 1999. ingredients * 1 tablespoon mixed black and white sesame seeds * One 2 1/2-pound butternut squash, halved lengthwise and seeded * Olive oil * Salt and freshly ground pepper * 1 1/4 cups semolina […]

ravioli nudi

I first had ravioli nudi at San Francisco's Zuni. It was one of the most sublime, delicate things I'd ever eaten, and I just chalked it up to the deftness of Zuni and let it go.  A few years later, I was astonished to find a recipe for Florentine ravioli in Food & Wine that […]

basic kitchen gear

basic kitchengear, especially these refrigerator storage containers (so you can see what you've got). nice service, open to the public. charlie's fixtures 2251 venice blvd at western 323.731.9023

Lesser Known Produce Viand

7.14.07 bastille day viand . “lesser known produce” or … what do you do with THAT?  . annotated menu .   0. Entry Ritual/Amuse Bouche … Fig-Pomegranate Tapanade with Chevre on Crostini… growing up we had two fig trees in our back yard. aside from making a terrible mess, they produced the most wonderful fruit […]

Marije Vogelzang, dinner artist

  Can You Throw a 60-Second Party? Avant-garde Dutch restaurateur Marije Vogelzang and design superstar Marcel Wanders can—with a "one minute"–themed dinner full of brilliant and beautiful ideas. By Gisela Williams, Food & Wine Magazine July 2007 When Marije Vogelzang throws one of her high-concept dinner parties, guests never know quite what to expect—except that […]

Geography of Eating

In 2007, we mapped Los Angeles, its farmers markets and our favorite food haunts. And we mapped our meal, from California farms, to local farmers markets, and across the room from basket to skillet. There was an index card pinned to the map for each ingredient, showing a photo of the farmer, a list of […]

don't touch that!

  photo by Andrea Godshalk of The Power of Touch By Daniel Patterson, Daniel Patterson, an F&W Best New Chef 1997, is the chef and owner of Coi in San Francisco and the co-author of Aroma. Food & Wine Magazine, June, 2007 Throw away your tongs and toss your food processor. Chef Daniel Patterson […]

The triple bacon Viand for Stevie

the viand . spring into summer (or… the triple bacon viand for stevie) . 6.9.07   the amuse: bacon & cherimoya. stevie is here tonight, visiting from switzerland. his birthday party and the seattle wto victory/n30 celebration was the very first viand. he loves bacon, so we're serving it three times at this viand. Cherimoya […]

slow food in Beirut

  slow food in beirut LEBANON In Beirut, a feast de résistance Defying the violence, a small group of Lebanese chefs and gourmets has kept restaurants open and is working to promote organic food. By Louise Roug, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer June 04, 2007 Monday night, 9 p.m.The darkened streets were eerily empty. At […]

on fish

  as you know... i insist on calling eating fish "ocean rape". nevertheless we've been eating it lately... this morning at venice market we talked to Kathy of Anjin II seafood truck. asked her what she had that was local. it turned out that nearly everything she carried was local (santa barbara to san diego) […]

whole fava beans

photo from   get young fava beans DO NOT PEEL. roas/broil them in a VERY hot (500) until softened and charred in spots. toss with lemon juice, olive oil, chili flakes or chili oil. eat them whole! recommendation from from nate at A16 san francisco, reported in Food & Wine  April 2007

cochinita pibil

photo   Served at the Layers Viand, 5.12.2007 by Chef Pteri Marinate the pork overnight on evening 1. Start slow cooking the pork on day 2 in the afternoon. Make the pickled onions while the meat is cooking. Total time: About 1 hour plus marinating and baking time Servings: 8 to 10 Note: Adapted […]

Greetings From the Non Bar-Code People, Michael Pollen

Photo: Jim Franco Greetings From the Non Bar-Code People, Michael Pollen, Mother Jones May/June 2006 reprinted in The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 The following is an excerpt from “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. For the complete article, go to May/June 2006 issue I might never have found my way to […]

duro's cook tech

photo from From The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 North Americans measure cooking ingredients by volume, rather than weight. For example, most of the world might call for a recipe with "250 g flour" whereas an American recipe might require "1/2 cup flour". I've often wondered about the difference between densely packing […]

broiler candy

From The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 …asparagus… sweet potato slices… carrots…fennel…beets … onions… cookie sheet or roasting pan slice vegetables (just break the feet off the asparagus) hurl vegetables to cookie sheet, spread them out toss with olive oil and salt broil on high, turning once, until there are dark brown spots. […]

pteri's ptake on peppercorns

From The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 Peppercorns in hues by Pteri Black Pepper: French: poivre . German: Pfeffer . Italian: pepe nero Spanish: pimienta negra . Arabic: filfil . Indian: gol/kala,i, mir(i)ch(i) Indonesian: merica hitam, meritja . Lao: phik noi . Malay: lada hitam Thai: prik ki tai The name pepper comes […]

cooking for one

From The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 many people often say (and, presumably, believe) “i hate to cook alone” or “well i like to cook, but only when i have someone to cook for”… my comments here are encouraged by an interview in the June 2007 Food&Wine with Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan (co-founder of […]

table of two

photo by llanos_ortizmontero excerpts from Chitrita Banerji, “A Shared Plate” Gourmet November 2005 reprinted in The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 …My conflicted parents shared one enthusiasm – food. She was a fabulous cook, a true artist, and he had a rare and subtle palate. He also enjoyed shopping for the season’s best […]

what's a farm? what's a farm bill?

From The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 What's a farm? This month’s zine focuses on the understanding what farms are. This question is very relevant as the federal government is considering the new Farm Bill. We’re presenting an analysis of the bill, along with  relevant commentary from Food First, our favorite Michael Pollan, […]

meet y/our farmers

From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007 Nate Peitso owns Tradewind Mushrooms and sells shiitake, Portobello, crimini, oyster, and, when possible, chanterelles at the Friday Venice Market. Zied from Mom’s Products sells our favorite Greek and Tunisian feta , Syrian mouhammara, olive tapenade, and good pita bread. He sells at LA at the Venice […]

The Layers Viand

the viand . annotated menu “layers” . 5.12.07   Vertical Pear i've always enjoyed the bite of ginger mixed with the sweetness of fruit. this simple stack can be served as either a palate cleansing dessert or as an amuse that admixes ginger's subtle bite, pear's soft sweetness with the cool and refreshing texture of […]

what's an underground restaurant

We'd been doing it for 18 months, when we learned that we were doing something other people were doing...from Bon Appétit Magazine. ...underground dining, an emerging way of eating in which people (mostly strangers) get together in a relaxed, almost improvisational setting. ... Jeremy Townsend, culinary renegade and co-founder of The Ghetto gourmet, says "We […]

wasabi-almond crusted chicken

photo by Annabelle Breakey, Sunset Magazine From The 5 Ingredients or Less Viand 1.5 – 2 pounds of chicken Buttermilk Wasabi powder (or fresh) Almonds (sybs used Tamari Roasted Wasabi Almonds, which add flavor, but regular almonds would be fine. Or try some other nut: pistachio or cashew…) Panko Breadcrumbs 1 egg 3-4 bundles of […]

golden beet carpaccio

photo from Golden Beet Carpaccio from 5 Ingredients or Less Viand 4 medium (2 1/2-inch diameter) golden beets (or any other type of beets you like), trimmed, scrubbed 3 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 cup very thinly sliced red onion or scallion 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons drained capers 2 tablespoons minced fresh […]

pork in port with prunes & anchovies

Served at the 5 Ingredients Viand. Recipe from Food & Wine Magazine March 2002 ingredients * 12 pitted prunes (5 ounces) * 1 cup ruby port * 6 garlic cloves, smashed * 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice * 2 tablespoons finely grated lemon zest * Salt and freshly ground pepper * One 2 1/2-pound boneless […]

wal mart vs. the prince

image from From The Viand Zine, Issue 2, 12 May 2007 “Often the difficulty is built right into a company’s business model. It makes scant difference whether Wal-Mart starts stocking organic food or not, because the real problem is the imperative to ship products all over the world, sell them in vast, downtown-destroying complexes, […]


greens, from From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007   …kale…collards. dandelion greens… chinese broccoli… cabbage… bok choy…mustard greens… pea sprouts… sweet potato vines…   large cast-iron skillet cut off the bottom ½ to inch. discard. slice or chop the rest put some oil in the bottom of the pan (about 2 tbsp). we […]


chef pteri on salt, From The Viand Zine Issue #1, 14 April, 2007 Salt. The oldest records come from 4,700 years ago in China where writings were found discussing more than 40 kinds of salt.  In ancient Timbuktu salt was supposedly traded ounce for ounce with gold.  In fact, the word salary comes from the […]

zine vision

From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007 I think food is the connecting issue between our personal lives (health, happiness, security), social-justice issues (everyone should have healthy, culturally appropriate, fresh food), economic issues (corporations are trying to take over the food supply from seed to table, destroying farmers, small processors, safety and quality of […]

Sybs beyond the recipe

Sybs, From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007 "It all seemed too good to be true: That eating something delicious could be a strategy for preserving biodiversity and that the pleasure we took in doing so could itself constitute a small but meaningful political act." (Michael Pollan, Cruising on the Ark of Taste) I […]

the chefs' favorite farmers markets

From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007   pteri shops at the Hollywood farmers market on Sundays from 8am-1pm. Ivar and Selma Avenue (that’s between Sunset & Hollywood and between Cahuenga & Vine)  A full-service local market with a great atmosphere.  They not only have all the fresh produce you desire in abundance and […]

slow food

From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007 Whether standing at a BBQ, kneeling on a tatami mat or seated at an elegant restaurant, eating is fundamental to living. Elevating the quality of our food and taking time to enjoy it is a simple way to infuse our daily lives with joy. This is the […]

The Viand Collective: Who We Are ... Who You Are

  From The Viand Zine, Issue 1 April 2007 Who We Are Chef T (traveler) Sharing food is one of the most basic and culturally universal events.  Making it a gathering of thoughtful food and good friends makes it a divine experience. pteri on salt from The Viand Zine Issue 1, on pepper from Viand […]

5 ingredients or less

the viand . annotated menu “5 ingredients or less” . 4.14.07   strawberry balsamic salad amuse: wandering into spring all sorts of fruits come out to play. by macerating the strawberries in a slight dressing of balsamic vinegar, sugar and a dash of grand marnier, the subtle interplay of sour exaggerates the sweet and cleanses […]

new food jobs

photo Regina Schrambling, “Wanted: one cave manager.” Los Angeles Times, April 4. 2007 Food section. [F1] FIVE years ago, it would be safe to say, not a soul in California woke up each morning to a to-do list starting with: Review a restaurant for Michelin. For the foreseeable future, though, six people will be […]

Hartog's Volkoren Bakery

photo from Tried everything, this was the best Hartog's Volkoren Ruyschstraat 56, Amsterdam Oost 020.665.1295

Balthazar's Keuken

open for dinner wednesday to friday only and requires a reservation: balthazar's kitchen. Elandsgracht 108 31-20-420-2114

warang marlonroti amsterdam

for surinamese food and roti: warang marlon 1 e van der helstraat 55, de pijp

March 2007 Viand

3 march 07 ... kumquat cairns (crystallized ginger, marmalade, a slice of fresh ginger, and half a kumquat)   yellow lentil soup with apricots & pomegranate parsnip chips with mint salsa and tamarind yogurt sauce pasta reverse: yam gnocchi with cabbage fettuccini sage and lemon meatballs, served on radicchio leaves crisp polenta rounds with pesto […]

food as art, underground restaurant 1971

The New York Times February 21, 2007 When Meals Played the Muse By RANDY KENNEDY THE artist Gordon Matta-Clark, who died in 1978 at age 35, loved to cook, but he could never quite unbraid his culinary passions from those of artmaking, with sometimes bizarre dinner party results. At one, recalled his widow, Jane Crawford, […]

Creamy Celery and Fennel Soup with Chilled Grapes

photo from From Valentines Viand 2.14.2007 Ingredients: 1 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp olive oil 2 fennel bulbs, cored, sliced, and chopped 1 medium-sized yellow onion, finely chopped 1 celery heart, sliced 1?2 tsp fennel seeds, crushed 1?4 tsp celery seed 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1?2 tsp each salt and pepper 3?4 cup of […]

frantic passion red salad

photo from From Valentines Viand 2.14.2007 thinly sliced raw red cabbage, thinly sliced radish, [well] roasted beets, grated cheese: ricotta salata. lemon juice, olive oil, cracked black pepper.

Valentines Viand

14 february 07 ... valentine viand... chocolate covered cherimoya hearts creamy chilly [celery fennel soup with chilled grapes] burning summer [heirloom tomato sauce with toast {breadbar's millstone wheat}] upside down & open [tiny buffalo burgers with caramelized onions & st. agur blue] frantic passion red salad [red cabbage, radishes, roasted beets, ricotta salata, lemon dressing] […]

you already own an indoor grill

photo Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times The Boring Old Broiler Turns Out to Be a Superstar New York Times 31 January 2007. IT’S right there, invisible, inside your oven, the most underappreciated, taken-for-granted appliance in your kitchen: the broiler. Bread machines, microwaves, sandwich-makers, electric grills and other “must-haves” come and go, but the […]

The New Viand Collective First Viand

Starting in 2007, The Viand was run by a collective. We built a prep station on the porch so we'd have more space. 13 january 07 ... was first Viand of the New Year & new collective ! ... dates with proscuitto gg&g soup: greens & giant lima beans with gorgonzola grilled haloumi cheese with […]

Le Troquet, Basque

Ok, the food in paris is very expensive. there are cute bistros several on any block but these places are total rip offs. the food is awful and i was shocked at how expensive AND BAD it is. using my usual methods of discernment didn't help. i was repeatedly fooled my menus and atmosphere. i […]

Bastille Farmers Market


Boulangere Monge

boulangere monge on monge avenue at gobelins. (metro 7 to censier-daubentoin, then walk south on monge). they have a special baguette, called "baguette du monge". everything else is great too. a cut above all the other patisseries. (fyi not all paris bakeries are good, at all.)    


The quality of ingredients is so high that you can't go wrong in this country (including the bread and butter from 7-11. restaurant cofoco Abel Cathrines Gade 7, 1654 Kbh. V mandag til lørdag kl. 17.30 - 24 3 course seasonal danish food, prix fixe


The First All-Chefs Viand, November 2006 the viand is a small-plates slow food feast. all of the food comes from local farmers markets and artisanal producers and everything we serve is hand-made. we see it as part of the process of re-learning cooking and community and we see it as a part of one of […]


The most beautiful little space. All white lacquer, a big wooden table, and food. ottolenghi, several locations 63 Ledbury Road Notting Hill London, W11 2AD Tel: 020 7727 1121 (they call these "delis", but it's takeaway gourmet...)  

Spitalfields artisanal market

shop/snack: spitalfields market stalls , which is an amazing artisanal foods market and craft market for real handcrafts. the location, nearby buildings, and setup looks quite touristy and junky. but it's actually very fine quality foods and exceedingly funky artists. absolutely hand made. the setting is completely incongruous.


*cheap eats* Leon . at Spitalfields (and a few other locations) 3 Crispin Place London E1 6DW Tel: 020 7247 4369

Maison Touaregue

moroccan: Maison Touaregue (23 greek street soho london) sublime food. order the lamb tagine. Zaytouna (same owners, same decor, same menu, around the corner at 45 frith street) had sweet staff and bleached blonde arab lesbians smoking hookah and kissing in the corner, but a decidedly less tender and complex lamb tagine. Touaregue's had caramelized […]


Canteen . 2 Crispin Place Spitalfields London . E1 6DW UK . (+44) 0845 686 1122 . all fresh, seasonal food is not california cuisine. this was, as the restaurant says, traditional British food, but cooked with the sensitivities of "the new cuisine" which is such a meaningless term. but there was nothing about it […]

Venice menus 2006

11 february 06 romanesco cauliflower with tributrini & sea salt . . . arugula salad with feta & buckwheat bread . . . roasted fennel & leeks . . . lamb shishkebab with mint . . . pasta & roasted potatoes . . . asparagus & oyster mushrooms with lemon & parmesan . . . […]

quiet food

  John Strydom, Quiet Food: A Recipe for Sanity, reviewed by Anterior Insight As consumers increasingly turn their back on fast food – in light of films such as Morgan Spulock’s Supersize Me and Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosse – in favour of healthier options, namely Fast Moving Gourmet Foods (FMGFs) and Slow Food, […]

Grape & Grain

really charming wine bar, grape & grain 620 east 6th between avenues B & C. 212.420.0002.

wild foraging

photo by Wild Food School on   Food Foraging by Anastasia Potter, © Anterior:Insight (defunct) September 2006 As consumers show heightened interest in the provenance of the food they are eating Anterior-Insight has been tracking the rise of connoisseurs foraging for food in the wild. Not content with reducing food miles and purchasing their […]


 Salt-Roasted Pears... Salty Talk One writer shakes in outrage at the killjoys who've demonized salt. By Tony Hendra This article originally appeared in April, 1998.Food & Wine Magazine A thorny dilemma: I'm sitting in the three-star restaurant of a close friend. He sends an amuse-gueule to the table. The dish is a single diver scallop […]

The first (recorded) Viand menu

Technically, this was the second Viand. November 2005 was the birthdays of my Swiss friends Mark and Stevie. On thanksgiving I organized an orphan dinner/birthday party for them. I said “I don’t want to serve a big meal on a big plate and have everyone pass out afterward.” They said “and we like different kinds […]

lard: the new health food

(remember when we were avoiding butter???) Lard: The New Health Food? Startled by news about the dangers of trans fats, writer Pete Wells happily contemplates the return of good old-fashioned lard. By Pete Wells This article originally appeared in December, 2005. Food & Wine Magazine When I turn to the Op-Ed page of the New […]

Pearl Bakery

i could eat every meal here. Pearl Bakery. 102 nw9th ave. 7 days closes at 2 on sundays. 

Summer fruit tart

Many years ago at Pasquini Bakery in Denver that has since closed, I had a blackberry tart that was so good it made my head spin. Of course the blackberries were musty-dusty as they should be, but something was different about this tart. Both the crust and the filling were much lighter than ordinary custard […]


Pasta You may never go back to dry pasta after trying this. Be sure to put a big pot of water on to boil before starting, because that takes as long as making the dough! Put in a bowl: 1 cup flour, 1 egg, 1 tsp olive oil, and a large pinch of salt. (you […]

Chocolate Pudding Cake

This is a simple approach to creating something like a molten chocolate cake. If you have individual ramekins, go for Vongerichten's, but if you just have one cake pan, try this one. It's liquidy-gooey with a crispy top. Be sure to use the best quality cocoa powder you can find. The recipe is very strange, […]