above: the d&v atkins breakfast -- one of the few meals we've eaten without our amazing bread. fried egg (lily's eggs), avocado (sycamore canyon ranch), belly bacon ( rocky canyon meats), and strawberries (tutti frutti farms).

"Trust me," says A16’s chef Nate Appleman about eating whole fava beans (including the pods). We did and we're thrilled! Toss whole fava beans in olive oil and salt. Broil until softened and charred in spots. Toss with some form of hot pepper (dry or a chili oil) and lemon juice. Eat whole!
(from F&W April 2007)

Did you know that you already own a grill? Read "The Broiler is a Superstar" New York Times 31 January 2007.

Food and marriage: Chitrita Banerji, "A Shared Plate". Gourmet, November 2005.