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the latest! 1.30.07: rolling garment racks, organic yerba mate mate
2.19.07 "the best investment advice you'll never get"
3.3.07 magnetic spice rack & stainless water pitchers



stuff in LA

  • home furnishings, including knoll and steelcase vintage and lots of file cabinets: TR Trading used office furniture. shhhh!!!! wear grubbies and ask to see the back buildings. you have to climb around but there are incredible finds here. ask for andrew, who knows modern design. 15604 s. broadway, gardena north of the 91. 310.329.9242 m-f 8:30-5:30, s10-5.
  • gifts & small household objects: melrose trading post flea market. sundays 9-5. parking lot of fairfax high school (for which the market is a fundraiser), 7850 melrose avenue at fairfax. admission $2. more info
  • favorite gift! picture frames with miniature flowers inset by hand from mayan sky 3701 cahuenga blvd west site 5, studio city 818.508.8370 and at the hollywood farmers market.
  • gifts from your family... le sanctuaire "kitchen" store. ignore the hermes and go for the cookbooks, chocolate, knives, and tiny bowls. 2710 main street in santa monica. www.le-sanctuaire.com (website isn't very informative. )
  • actual high quality low price kitchen supplies: charlie's fixtures 2251 venice blvd at western 323.731.9023 (do not go to Surfas!)
  • local source of the most cost-efficient and beautiful candles, by vince kitara, at clouds, 2719 main street in venice 310.399.2059.
  • affordable bath salts at the hollywood farmers market
  • really, really amazing wooden bowls so big you'd have to stir with your arms (also little ones, like sake cups), by john talbot: at the hollywood farmers market, sundays.
  • wooden spoons: garys woodshop at santa monica pico market on saturday and hollywood on sunday. or 818.335.0425
  • best affordable shoes . Lady Studio shoes at 6500 Hollywood Blvd at Wilcox. open 7 days. 323.461.1765
  • locally-owned lighting and electrical supply store where they will help you figure out your projects santa monica lighting & electrical supply, 1631 colorado avenue at 17th in santa monica. 310.829.3888.


  • maps from aaa
  • computer help house calls $25/hour: adam fomotor 951.312.0036 adamfomotor (at) gmail.com
  • samra university of oriental medicine community clinic. $25 a visit which includes careful diagnosis, acupuncture, and herbs. 3000 south robertson (just north of the 10). 310.202.7555. www.samra.edu
  • muffler repair: could it be spectacular? yes! old world eco-charm, meticulous and inexpensive. 11464 washington blvd in culver city. 310.398.4246
  • construction & handyman: Rent-A-Man (Pat Carpenter & friends): p.carpenterca @ verizon.net or 310.399.5351
  • appliance repair & handyman: Richard Dante: rdante20 @ hotmail.com or 310.636.0127
  • vintage gas stove repair: phil 310.498.8012
  • shoe repair: i spent the better part of a hot Saturday driving around the westside trying to find a place that will put suede "chrome leather“ onto the soles of my shoes. most places charge $20+ per pair. at sedler's, if you bring 2 pairs at the same time (for this or any other service), the second pair is half price, so that means chroming 2 pairs will only be $21. he will use real suede, if you prefer, but it costs more and doesn’t last as long. owner is tito freire.
    2925 Santa Monica between Cloverfield and Bundy on the north side of the street. easy parking phone 310.828.0316.
    hours M-F 8-6 Sat 9-5
  • tango lessons: makela brizuela
  • compiled all the tango information for los angeles: www.tangoafficionado.com
  • Mark Dowie, "The best investment advice you'll never get" San Francisco Magazine 12.06.



acknowledges that our efforts to be anti-materialist do not mean we will not acquire objects. in keeping with the notion of self-creation (a concept i keep learning, lately from hip hop), daily life objects should be both elegantly functional and speak to aesthetic sensitivities that are deeply personal – they should be comforting, serene, dignified, or delight your hand or eye.

objecterie suggests that we develop a relationship to objects that engages our intuition and energy and values in a way that is more like making art than acquisitiveness.

as many of you know, i once spent 6 months without an alarm clock (using vintage ones that only sometimes went off) while in pursuit of one that was really beautiful, unusual, and affordable. since many of my friends don't have the patience for this, i've decided to share my best recent finds... all of these are gorgeous because i don't buy anything that isn't... all recommended websites are vendors i have used with no problem:


















  • best bike locks (in case you hadn't heard, your old one can be opened with a bic ballpoint pen): and ay yi! it takes only 3 minutes to cut a kryptonite. buy seven more minutes with an onguard bulldog at www.REI.com.
  • best beds (i graduated from futon-on-the floor this year, to find that most nice beds are over $2000, vintage ones are almost nonexistent, and ikea is just bad.) the new low-priced modern furniture/household chain West Elm has an elegant, well-built selection under and close to the $500 mark. they have other tasteful furnishings, dishes, etc. for those without the patience for flea markets. www.westelm.com

  • sturdy rolling garment racks are not expensive. check out the Z Racks at from Sean James Enterprises fast shipping.
  • matching hangers fit so much better, look better and are affordable if you buy in bulk from hangers direct.
  • girls shoes & boots (cheap & sexy): www.pleaserusa.com. in LA
  • boys shoes (cheap & in fashion...please, boys, just make an effort...): www.mooshoes.com
  • do your feet hurt?
    i am shocked to find that wearing these silly rubber "yoga toes" while i write emails very noticeably started to repair my bunion in less than a month: www.yogapro.com

  • coffee/tea thermos that seals for travel AND looks elegant at home in a wonderful colors. by erik magnussen for stelton at www.designstore.com or if you're in la at OK (across the street from Joan's, 8303 west 3rd).
  • portable coffee cup (it does REALLY seal so you can put it in your briefcase and also is very narrow so it also FITS in your briefcase): sigg 'metro mug' 8oz or 12 oz: www.illyusa.com
  • espresso cups should be very heavy in the bottom (hot mass keeps small amount of liquid warm). the best ones i've found are made by bravo (available with or without their logo). for everything you want to know about coffee making & accoutrements, visit coffeegeek.com
  • healthiest way to carry water: sigg enamel-coated (on the inside) 'sportbottles' with nipple or "traveller classic" with loop/screw top for your caribiner at www.swissknifeshop.com.
  • attractive non-aluminum cooking pots that are easy to clean & even if you don't do such a good job won't ever look dirty (buy a dark color): chantal 'enamel-on-steel' line (easy to find)
  • for all frying & sauteing: buy used cast iron at garage sales or thrift stores (easy to find) or vintage le creuset on ebay.
  • when the exchange rate was better, i started buying my knives from this company in the netherlands. now the prices are comparable to domoestic, but they have everything and they ship fast. www.knivesandtools.com i find the low selection and service at the corporate cooking stores very annoying.
  • books from an anarchist distro: ak press
  • books from a coalition of small, independent bookstores alibris.org.
  • organic yerba mate because "Yerba Mate production in Argentina is almost an oligopoly of four enterprises which concentrate 80% of all that's made and sold in the country. Small farmers, usually organic producers, don't own the machinery to get through the process and have to sell their harvest to big producers. Luckily, we can still find some of them that can survive so we can enjoy the highest yerba mate tea quality and taste!"pay only a little more to get it fresh and to deliver the money to argentina! they also have lots of beautiful gourds at reasonable prices!
  • soho magnetic spice racks . click to see collection, then search for the one you want on ebay or use the store locator. shelter in los angeles carries them.