kitchen gear

get a dishwasher already!

Bosch SHU/E 43 good price & service at Snyder Diamond in Santa Monica
1300 Olympic

basic kitchengear
charlie's fixtures
2251 venice blvd at western 323.731.9023


  • knives & tools online is in europe. they have a good selection, free shipping over $100 and prices used to be lower than US (but with exchange rate, it's not so good?)
  • cheapest source of our favorite, shun knives

pots & pans

  • attractive non-aluminum cooking pots 'enamel-on-steel' from chantal
  • frying pans: buy used cast iron
    • easy to find at garage sales or thrift stores
    • vintage le creuset on ebay.

wooden spoons & spatulas : garys woodshop at santa monica pico market on saturday and hollywood on sunday. or 818.335.0425 (website has been down for a while)

wooden bowls

  • amazing wooden bowls so big you'd have to stir with your arms (also little ones, like sake cups), by john talbot: at the hollywood farmers market, sundays. made from fallen trees
  • cheaper wooden bowls, made in the blue ridge mountains by phil lieberman


cutting boards by windline made of standing deadfall hawaiian woods