groups and movements working to change the food system



Community Food Security Movement ... the cutting edge of the "organic" movement is happening in low income communities and public schools!

Organic Consumers Association ... US organization that led the struggle against the very bad first draft of the federal organic standards and now works to keep organic accountable to the grassroots movement of farmers and consumers who built the concept.


Slow Food ... the international movement to counteract fast food and fast life, and to protect endangered foods.

Vía Campesina ... international peasant movement mobilizing farmers in solidarity around the world to promote food sovereignty and fight "free trade"

Food First ... a US based research and education organization that made the conceptual breakthroughs on Cuba's organic transition, the efficiency of small farms, the dangers of free trade, and connecting US and international farmers organizations.

Third World Network ... Phillipines-based organization doing crucial and timely policy analysis of WTO, TRIPS, GMOs etc.